Why Choose a Metal-Free Crown?

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When getting a crown, you have a choice of metal, porcelain fused metal (PFM), complete porcelain, or zirconium.  You’ll need to take several factors into account, including the cost, durability, comfort, and aesthetic appearance of the crown.  Consider these options.


Zirconium crowns, made of crystal, are the most durable crown available today.  They wear incredibly well and can withstand almost all biting and chewing forces.  They’re very resistant to cracking and chipping, and therefore make an ideal choice for crowning molars that take a lot of bite force.


The look and feel of the crown are of prime importance to most people, and this is where metal-free crowns shine!  All-porcelain crowns are smooth and translucent, making them an excellent choice for front teeth.  Zirconium crowns distinguish themselves from natural teeth.  Plus, with a metal-free crown, there won’t be a tell-tale dark line along the gum-line.


If you’ve had a metal crown or even a filling, you know how sensitive a restored tooth can be to heat and cold.  Metal-free crowns are less conductive. Zirconium crowns have virtually no sensitivity at all.  AS a result, metal-free crowns carry no risk of an allergic reaction.


A full metal crown typically costs less. However, if you’re looking for anything tooth-colored, there may not be a lot of difference in the cost.  Porcelain-metal, all-porcelain, and zirconium crowns are all in the same price range.  Therefore, zirconium might be a little less expensive.

If you’d prefer to get your crown done as fast as possible, all-porcelain crowns can be completed in a single visit.  For the best possible fit, zirconium crowns are adjusted to fit precisely between the adjacent teeth. Taking all factors into account, if you’re looking for the strongest, longest-wearing, most comfortable, and most natural-looking option, a metal-free crown is your best choice.

At South Holston Dental Designs, we want our patients to get the best aesthetic results possible, so we routinely use metal-free crowns for their appearance and comfort.  As an amalgam-free practice, we don’t use traditional silver fillings, either.  To learn more about our practice or to schedule an appointment, call our office or contact us today!

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