A Dentist Near Me for Preventative Care

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If I had to pick at least one regret in life, it would be that I did not find a dentist near me and take care of my precious teeth as a young adult.

Like many people, I was terrified of going to the dentist. Just the sound of the drills and sight of the intimidating instruments made my skin crawl. Not to mention, dental work was just not affordable to me.

So what did I do? Nothing.

After many years of neglect, I suffered from severe tooth pain and countless extractions that left me with an unattractive smile.

“But I floss and brush every day,” you might say. And that may be true, but only a dentist can carefully examine your teeth and take X-rays to see problems that are invisible to the naked eye.  It is always best to fix a small problem, before it becomes a bigger and more painful one.

Trust me, I know.

This is why it is so very important to have regular visits with your dentist.  Thanks to some excellent dental care, and a lot of time and patience, I now have a beautiful smile again.

Finding A Dentist Near Me

Here at South Holston Dental Designs,  we take great pride in our work and are committed to the personalized care of your health and beautiful smile.  We believe that preventative care is the best care.  Our warm and friendly staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable and welcomed during your visit.


  • Preventative Care – Routine cleanings, X-rays,  and fluoride treatments.
  • Endodontics – A root canal is a procedure used to save a tooth and eliminate pain.
  • Prosthodontics – Replacing missing teeth with dentures, bridges, or dental implants.  (We have many options.)
  • Whitening – Removing stains and yellowing of the teeth with either take-home whitening kits or an in-office visit.
  • Restorative – With state of the art technology, South Holston Design can restore your smile with amalgam-free fillings and metal-free crowns.
  • Extractions – Sometimes a tooth just cannot be saved and will need to be extracted.  We offer many options for replacement and in most cases they can be done the same day.

South Houston Dental Designs also uses strict sterilization and cross contamination practices recommended by the American Dental Association  (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration   (OSHA), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC).   We take this job very seriously and will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our patients, as well as, ourselves.

For your convenience, we are located in Bristol, Virginia just seconds from I-81 and we also offer many financial options.

So what are you waiting for?

Please contact us  today,  because we care about your smile!

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