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Amalgam-free practice is a promising alternative for those looking to achieve healthier teeth and overall well-being. Amalgams, also known as silver-colored fillings, have been used in the dentistry industry since the 19th century. In recent years, it has come to light that these mercury-containing fillings can harm one’s health.

1. What is Amalgam-Free Dentistry?

Amalgam-free dentistry is an alternative to the traditional amalgam filling. It offers a safe and effective way of restoring your natural tooth structure without toxic materials like mercury.

In an amalgam-free practice, the dentist will take a mold of your natural tooth structure to create what is called a resin composite. This filling will not contain any toxic material like mercury or lead. The resin composite will be completely safe to swallow, which is a massive plus for looking for an alternative. It’s also much more durable than amalgams and can last for several years.

2. Why is amalgam practice bad for you?

There are many reasons why amalgam practice is bad. The reasons include:
•    Amalgam fillings can release small amounts of mercury into your mouth over time which has been linked with brain damage in adults.
•    Amalgams may cause allergic reactions.
•    Mercury can irritate gums and cause dry mouth.
•    Amalgam also causes tooth decay.
•    Mercury can harm a fetus if swallowed by pregnant women.

3.  Alternative treatments available

There are some alternative treatments available for those who want to have a mercury-free mouth. These include tooth-colored fillings and composite bonding. You can replace amalgams with tooth-colored fillings that will not contain toxic material like mercury or lead, but they may require more visits throughout the year. Composite bonding is also an option and is a more durable option than amalgam fillings.

Amalgam-Free Takeaway

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