Bad Breath: 3 Tips To End It

 In Preventative Dentistry

Though many people recoil at the onset of bad breath, there are some easy and effective treatments that many people just don’t know. We at South Holston Dental Designs are here with a few of the best fresh-breath tips that are sure to make your smile not just more beautiful but inviting as well.

Address the Deeper Cause

The root cause is often unaddressed by common, ineffective efforts at improving one’s breath. While regular brushing and flossing, breath mints, and mouthwashes certainly help, the effects are short-lived. Because the mouth is the first stage of digestion, it should come as no surprise that breath is an indicator of the overall health of the digestive system in general. Bad breath is often a sign of poor enzymatic and other gut microbiome factors, and taking certain breath-improving probiotics (along with healthier dietary habits) can improve the long-term state of the breath overall.

Bacteria on the Tongue

It’s not the most attractive dinner-table conversation, but it’s a useful tip nonetheless: we wake up with an increased level of bacteria on the tongue every morning. You can invest in a cheap “tongue scraper” or use a medium-sized spoon with dull edges, and be amazed at the mucus-like film that you find on your tongue every morning. This is best done before drinking or eating anything, and it has a great impact (along with tongue-brushing) on lowering the initial amount of oral bacteria at the beginning of the day.

Xyli-What Now?

Xylitol, a naturally occurring alcohol, has been found to alter the oral microbiome in favor of healthy and beneficial bacteria. This helps reduce the harmful bacteria that contribute to bad breath (and cavities). Though its effects are so mild that it’s become a common ingredient, it can have some potential side effects and is best used in moderation – say, after a large meal or a sugary treat. Consult with your trusted medical and dental experts if you have any uncomfortable, however rare, side effects from using xylitol.

The Freshest Breath and the Healthiest Smiles

Though many think of bacteria as “bad,” in fact there are many positive benefits to maintaining a proper balance of the microbiomes in the gut and in the mouth – including fresh breath!

Of course, you can also reduce it with regular teeth cleaning by your trusted dentist. South Holston Dental Designs gives patients a reason to smile! From preventative to restorative care, our staff delivers the highest standard of oral hygiene services and can help anyone in our Tri-Cities communities enjoy the fresh, clean breath they deserve. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our services and schedule a visit.

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