How to Care for Children’s Teeth

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While baby teeth eventually fall out, it is still important to practice good dental care with children. This opportunity teaches kids skills on how to care for their teeth. You also want to emphasize gum health. Strong and clean baby teeth emerge into healthy adult teeth. This lowers the risks of cavities, which are high for children, and ensures a pleasant dentist visit. This shows at a young age the dentist is nothing to be afraid of.

Daily Habits

Flossing, brushing, and mouthwash should be a twice-daily routine. As your children grow, they can begin to lead their own dental routines. It is important to show your kids how to properly clean their teeth, so they are doing it correctly on their own. Emphasize how sugar and bacteria can live on the tongue and cause bad breath. Cleaning your teeth daily will leave them feeling happy and healthy. Instill healthy habits with young children so they grow into healthy teeth.

Healthy Foods

There are healthy foods for your body, that are bad for your teeth. Bananas, oranges, and dried fruits have large amounts of sugar that stick to teeth. Pretzels and crackers are simple snacks for kids, but they will stick to teeth as well. The stickiness of these foods causes teeth problems. Foods that are less likely to cause cavities include but are not limited to, milk, bread, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Fresh, crunchy fruit is good for their little bodies and their teeth, due to the lack of stickiness. On top of those suggestions, raw vegetables, cheese, nuts, meats, and fats are great as well.

Dentist Visits

You should check in with your dentist periodically when your children are young. Delta Dental recommends that your child should see a dentist at one year of age or after their first tooth erupts, typically around 6 months of age. If you start your children at a young age, it is likely they won’t remember visiting the dentist and it will become the norm. Children who visit after the age of two sometimes experience anxiety with their first visits. Get in early to start an anxiety-free routine. If your child shows signs of a cavity, call your dentist as soon as possible. Cavities appear as black or brown spots on a tooth that will not scrub away. If you wait, it will worsen.

Overall, children’s teeth require the same care as adult teeth. Start healthy dental habits soon to create long-lasting routines. Children should be seen twice a year for check-ups, along with adults. If you are interested in more ways to care for your child’s teeth, visit us online here. If you would like to schedule an appointment call us at (276) 466-9800 today! Create beautiful and healthy smiles for your children now!

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