Custom whitening Trays Benefits

 In Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments prescribed by dentists are safer and more convenient  in improving the color of your teeth than other alternatives available over the counter. The custom whitening trays provided by dentists are unique to the patient’s mouth to fit perfectly. Teeth whitening trays available in the local stores are typically one-size-fits-all items. Therefore, you are not guaranteed they will match your teeth, and they can cause irritation or partial whitening.

What are custom whitening trays?

Custom teeth whitening trays are similar to a mouthguard. They are trays containing whitening gel that you place on your teeth to manage stains. Depending on your prescription, some tray teeth whitening appliances are applied at the doctor’s office, home, or both. However, using these trays start by custom fitting from the structure of your mouth so that the doctor can create unique trays for you.

How custom whitening trays work

The process of using custom trays is simple. Before creating your unique teeth whitening tray, your dentist will conduct a complete dental exam. The reason for the exam is to determine the root cause of your teeth staining or discoloration. Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth to craft molds that will make your teeth whitening trays. Once your trays are ready, you will be required to place a bleaching solution within them every time you wear them as prescribed by the doctor. You will notice improvement with time.

Why do you need custom whitening trays?

  • A custom whitening tray will fit well in your teeth, leading to enhanced whitening because your teeth will be uniformly immersed in the bleaching solution
  • The tray prevents the bleaching solution from contacting the gum during the treatment to avoid irritation and damage
  • Custom whitening trays are long-lasting, and they do not require renewal or replacement unless you have another dental problem


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