Your First Visit? Here’s What to Expect

 In South Holston Dental Design

Your first visit to a new dentist can be a little bit like a first date. We need to share some basic information and figure out your goals to build a firm foundation for future care. The good news is that the process can be pretty quick and easy.

A Little Paperwork

The first appointment starts with some paperwork. You will need to fill out a few forms that cover some basic medical and personal information. It usually doesn’t take very long, and you can even fill the forms out in advance if you want to save some time at the office. You can grab the forms from our patient information page and bring the finished copies to your appointment.

Talking About Goals

We will also need to find out about your dental goals. Some people just want to maintain good oral health, some want to whiten their teeth, and some people want to get advanced orthodontic work. You may also have some ongoing problems or concerns that you want us to address. We generally encourage people to write down a list of topics that they want to cover and bring it to the appointment to make sure that they don’t forget anything.

A Thorough Examination

There are some things that we can only learn by looking at your mouth. We need to perform a thorough examination so we can understand the current state of your oral health. We might find that there are some early warning signs for serious problems or that everything is in perfect condition. That information is vital for planning your care in either case.

Making a Plan

That may seem like a lot, but it gives us the information that we need to make a care plan that can meet your goals. We will work with you to pick the services that can meet your goals and maintain your oral health. That plan will guide your future visits, whether that means coming in for regular cleanings or building a new smile.

Get in touch with us today if you’re ready to make that first appointment and develop your oral health plan.

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