How Can I Avoid TMJ?

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If you suffer from frequent migraines, headaches, and jaw pain, it’s possible you suffer from TMJ. There are different things you can do to lessen or avoid TMJ pain. Here’s how.

What is TMJ?

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which works as a joint mechanism connecting your upper and lower jaw. There are muscles surrounding the hinge of both the upper and lower jaw. This pain happens when those muscles are injured or over strained. As stated before, common side effects include frequent migraines, headaches, and jaw pain.

How Can I Avoid TMJ Pain?

One of the best ways to avoid or treat TMJ pain is with proper self-care. According to St. Lukes, being concious about how you eat is a great way to avoid TMJ pain. Oftentimes when you’re experiencing jaw pain, it makes it extremely difficult to chew. You can cause less strain on your jaw by eating softer foods and cutting up your food properly. Also, it’s best to avoid hard foods, and if you have to eat them, cut them up into smaller pieces. This requires less chewing and irritation to your jaw.


Depending on the severity of your case, your doctor might recommend specific medications. Common medications like pain relievers can help with inflammation and side effects like headaches. If that isn’t helping, muscle relaxants might be another option. These medications encourage your muscles to relax, therefore diminishing jaw pain.


Another great way to avoid TMJ pain is to be concious of your body. It can stem from jaw cleanching, which is a typical result of stress, anxiety, and more. Oftentimes people don’t even realize they are clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth. If you try to become more aware of these things, you can lessen the frequency you experience TMJ pain.

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