Metal-free crowns are the best option

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Metal-free crowns are the best alternative when you are missing a tooth or have a damaged tooth. It gives you the best solution for replacing or covering an affected tooth while safeguarding your general health. They also restores the function of your tooth while also giving your smile a more natural appearance.

Less costly

Metal-free crowns are also less expensive than metal crowns. However, if you want a tooth-colored crown, be prepared to pay more because the cost of other dental crowns may not differ significantly.

Full of comfort

If you’ve ever had your teeth restored, you’re aware of how sensitive they may be to heat and cold. Because metal is a conductor and newer materials are not, choosing these is the best alternative. They lessen sensitivity to heat and cold.

It is worth noting that hot or cold beverages cause pain in some people with typical metal crowns. In most cases, metal-free crowns pose no risk of allergic reaction because they are biocompatible.

Metal-free crowns are aesthetic and durable

Most modern dentists advocate for these crowns for front teeth because they are the most cosmetically acceptable. After all, concerns such as the metal section of the tooth being exposed are eliminated. The patient receives a tooth that appears natural and stays that way.

Furthermore, because the new porcelain-based metal-free crowns constructed of zirconia are highly sturdy, these are recommended for molars and premolars. They are durable, natural-looking, and long-lasting.

Crowns that are metal-free are more convenient

Getting fitted for traditional metal-fused crowns usually takes at least two visits to the dentist. Metal-free crowns make things easier because they can usually be created while the patient waits. Additionally, they are less damaging to opposing teeth than metal-fused crowns. Gold crowns are the lone exception, as they are just as mild on adjacent teeth but have terrible looks.

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