Oral Health And Preventative Care Affect Your Overall Well-Being

 In General Dentistry

Neglecting routine oral health care can cause extensive damage in a person’s mouth. Many of us have been too busy for routine check-ups and general day-to-day hygiene practices at different times in our lives, but extensive time without check-ups, flossing, and adequate brushing causes health issues that extend beyond our teeth.

  • Endocarditis an infection in the lining of your heart
  • Cardiovascular Disease– clogged arteries and stroke may be quickened by oral infections
  • Pregnancy Issues and Birthing Problems– premature birth, low birth weight
  • Pneumonia– bacteria can go straight from your teeth to your lungs
  • Diabetes– gum disease affects blood sugar and the disease is immunosuppressive
  • Alzheimer’s– memory loss decreases oral hygiene practices and increases with the disease
  • Lung Disease– gum disease increases inflammation in the lungs
  • any immunosuppressive disease– highly susceptible to bacteria and disease (such as HIV/AIDS, ankylosing spondylitis, and rheumatoid arthritis)

Your mouth is a direct route to your digestive system and respiratory system, so any bacteria entering through your teeth can go straight to your brain and your heart.

If you are suffering from pain and discomfort due to your teeth then it is essential that you contact a dentist right away. Many dental issues exacerbate diagnosed and undiagnosed health problems and infections from broken teeth can be extremely dangerous if ignored.

Remember, the state of your teeth can also be affected by the diseases themselves. Diabetes can cause an increase in tooth decay, for example, so an effective hygiene routine should be established and followed. Discuss any changes you need to make with our excellent and thorough dental team.

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