What Does Sealant Do?

 In General Dentistry

Sealant is a term heard in association with dentistry. Sealant is a standard dental tool used in children and even adults. Here we will explain what sealant is, what it does, and why it may be suggested for your teeth.


According to WebMD, sealant is a thin, plastic coating that is painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth. Sealant is on the back teeth, also called pre-molars and molars. The purpose of sealant is to protect your teeth from decaying. It is natural for people to form plaque on their teeth due to the things they eat and drink. If there is a lacking of flossing or brushing, plaque can turn into tartar. Tartar is the slimy film that forms on your teeth and can only be removed by dental professionals. No amount of brushing your teeth can decrease the presence of already established tartar. If tartar goes untreated, it can lead to painful dental issues.

Why Is It Used?

Sealant is a tool that dentists can provide patients that help prevent plaque and tartar. Since sealant is a coating painted on teeth, it can block the small cracks in your back teeth. Food cannot find it’s way into grooves if the teeth are fully sealed. Not everyone is a great candidate for sealant. The majority of patients that are recommended sealant are children and teens. This does not mean that adults can’t get their teeth sealed as well. WebMD says that sealant can protect children’s teeth when they are still growing in. Children and teens are most cavity-prone during the ages of 6 to 14. Sealant will help keep cavities at bay.

A sealant will need to be applied either by a dental hygienist or dentist. This is an effortless installation that requires no anesthesia. The sealant will be painted on to the specific tooth or teeth and only take minutes to dry. Sealants can last up to 10 years but may require upkeep in between. It is essential to visit your dentist at least once or twice a year so they can check on your teeth. Not only that, but your sealant will last longer with proper up-keep. This means making sure you brush your teeth and check-in with your dentist.

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