What To Do About Gum Recession

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Some people may be unaware gum recession is happening because it happens over an extended period of time. Others look in the mirror at their teeth and notice one tooth seems a little longer than the others. Also, brushing or flossing can cause gums to bleed, become inflamed, and even painful. All of these symptoms should warrant a visit to your dentist, and all of them are signs of gum recession.

What Is Gum Recession

Gums, or gingivae, are the pink tissue that goes around the base of each tooth, covering up and protecting the root. Gum recession is the loss of tissue in the gums, leaving gaps or pockets, leading to root exposure if not corrected. Due to the collection of bacteria and plaque on the root, infection of the bone and supporting tissue can occur. If this is not treated correctly, the result may be the total loss of the tooth.


Many causes lead to gum recession. Studies show at least 30% of people have a genetic predisposition to gum disease. Unfortunately, gum disease is unavoidable, no matter how well you care for your teeth. Some other reasoning for gum recession is excessive and aggressive brushing or flossing. Hard bristle toothbrushes can wear away at your enamel, eventually causing the gums to recede. Incorrect dental hygiene is another leading cause of gum recession. It’s essential to properly care for your tooth so you can avoid these issues.


If caught early and the case is mild, your dentist may be able to deep clean your teeth and prescribe antibiotics. As a result, your pain and infection should subside. In other more severe cases, there are some alternatives like composite restoration, which is tooth-colored hard material placed over the root. A pink composite can also be used to fill in any spaces where gums have receded. A surgery called a gum regeneration is another technique. There are other techniques available in addition to those listed above; it will all depend on the severity of each case.

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