Your Child’s First Dental Visit

 In General Dentistry

What is the right age for your child’s first dental visit? Some pediatric dentists recommend taking your little one to the dentist when they turn one, while others recommend waiting for at least six months after they grow their first tooth.

In either case, the first dental visit is immensely important for your little angel’s oral health. Here is a brief overview of why.

What’s There to Gain from the First Dental Visit?

Does your child really need to see a dentist when they only have one tooth (or none at all)? The answer is yes, and here is an overview of several reasons why:

A Thorough Dental Examination

Dental health is not limited to teeth – it includes the whole mouth, including the tongue and gums. To this end, the dentist has a lot to work with, and they will put it to use conducting your child’s first dental exams.

Some of the issues the dentist will check for may include tooth decay, problems with the jaw, tongue, and other oral tissues, or a bad bite. There is usually nothing to worry about, and the dentist will be quick and gentle.

Education on Dental Health & Hygiene

You also stand to learn a lot about your child’s oral health and hygiene from their first dental visit. The dentist will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Oral habits such as thumb-sucking.
  • Good oral hygiene practices.
  • Teething and other developmental milestones.
  • Cavity prevention and fluoride needs.
  • Proper nutrition.

The dentist may also share some learning materials for future reference. It is important to pay attention as oral health can affect your little one’s overall health. It is also important to consult the best pediatric dentist. Your child is in the best hands here at South Holston Dental Designs. Get in touch today to book an appointment for your child’s first dental visit.

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